Couldn’t decide

By: Tug

Jan 21 2009

Category: Beauty, flowers, home


(Click on picture to enlarge)
Couldn’t decide which I liked better, so you get both. Do you have a favorite? Why?

17 comments on “Couldn’t decide”

  1. I like the first shot better. It seems more balanced.

  2. I like the first shot too. The multiple flowers with the others in soft focus in the background just speaks to me.

  3. I like the bottom one better. It’s more..artistic? I cant explain, except that …the first picture is the one every tom dick and hairy will take, and the second is the one that only billy would take, ya know?

    i need to make it a policy to drink more coffee before commenting, eh?

  4. ‘Rita – Yeah, I agree…but then maybe it’s the “off kilter” of the 2nd one that draws me, too…I’m a little off kilter myself. 😉

    BFabulous – It’s always nice to hear a photo speaks to someone, thank you!

  5. Blue – We were commenting at the same time, heh. Yeah, I see what you’re saying, and coffee or not, it makes sense! (Now if you could find me a Billy, that’d be great, thanks)

  6. I prefer the top one. I agree with Blogarita – it seems more balanced.

  7. Finn – Yeah, that seems to be the theme…and I’m still a little off balance here. LOL

  8. Oh man, I love them both! They’re both so gorgeous because they are different variations on the theme. Love the contrast in them both!

  9. GigglePix – Thank you! I do like the pink and black also.

  10. I prefer the second shot.

    The flower off to the left in focus with the leaves out of focus allows my eye to wander left to right while looking…

  11. Bond – I *knew* you were a little off kilter, it’s why we get along. LOL

  12. I actually like the second one because it’s not balanced. It’s more striking that way, IMO. It just stood out to me more. Beautiful!

  13. BB – See? This is why I can’t decide…but yeah, I see what you’re saying – thank you!

  14. Love the second one. I am all about off-balanced photos. Love the short depth of field too 🙂

    Very pretty


  15. sista – Thanks! It’s always nice to have more off kilter people here with me in my little world. 😉 I love DOF…keep trying to experiment with that.

  16. I can’t pick a favorite. I think the 1st compliments the 2nd. Neither would be as pretty w/o the other.

  17. Jane – Yeah, I see what you’re saying…maybe side by side would be good.

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