Feathers & fireplaces

(Click on picture to enlarge)
This is SOOC…if I knew more about ‘fixing’ pictures, I may have bumped up the feather a little? Don’t know. Also maybe should have used a piece of gum or something (lol) to hold the feather instead of the vase, but I still like the picture. 😉

7 comments on “Feathers & fireplaces”

  1. very interesting…

  2. I like the picture too and I think you always take nice and interesting pictures!

  3. Bond – Something different, huh? 😉

    Catch – Thankssomuch!!

  4. What is SOOC?

    I didn’t notice the vase til you mentioned it. That’s a very unique pic.

  5. Jane – SOOC is straight out of the camera, which 99.9% of mine are, since I don't know much about photoshop. I liked the idea of the soft feather & hard, dirty fireplace, but do think the feather should be a little brighter to stand out.

  6. Okay, I am a dimwit when it comes to photography, but I like how everything in the picture is kind of equal. For myself, I noticed more about the picture than I would of had the feather stood out. Plus, given the way my brain works, I would have thought, “Why did she put a feather in the fireplace?” So I think it’s perfect just how you did it.

  7. Jane – LOL…Why DID I put a feather in the fireplace…heh. I like your thinking, and you make me laugh!

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