By: Tug

Jul 07 2008

Category: home, seashells


(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “Paperweight”

  1. HOW did you take this photo? What is the paper weight on??. What is your light source? is it coming from the paper weight? This is an awesome photo!

  2. I was just notified of my own that’s dedication!

  3. Blue – Thanks! It’s sitting on a mirror directly under my skylight on a sunny day – it’s the same way I took the jade picture.

    Blue 2 – Huh?

  4. HA I was going to say you are liking that set up ain’t cha!

  5. Bond – Yeah, I do, could you tell? 😉 I actually took this the same time I took the jade, but tried some more this past weekend.

  6. Beautiful! I like this shot also!


  7. Gorgeous!

  8. Kimmie – Thank you!

    Finn – Thanks – I have it at different angles, but I still like this one best.

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