School Days

By: Tug

Sep 01 2009

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10 comments on “School Days”

  1. That’s funny — I wanted to shoot crayons the other day but we didn’t have any so I shot chalk!

  2. Very nice.

    I need a new macro lens.

    • Ren – Thanks! I, um…need a camera that will TAKE a lens. All I have now is my point & shoot.

      • My P&S (with which I’m quite happy) has a 0cm Super Macro mode that works pretty well, but it has more trouble when you can’t put the camera right next to the subject. I think it’s 35cm then, which generally doesn’t allow shots like the above (though the 0cm might).

    • Ren – Yeah, I’m very happy with my P&S too, it’s done well for me! I seem to get better bokeh if I back up & zoom, but the macro is clearer when I’m closer, yes.

  3. I love this!

    😀 Anna

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