By: Tug

Feb 23 2012

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Category: Beauty, breathtaking, life is good, memorial, Mount Rushmore, outside, outside beauty, scenery, USA


Focal Length:75mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Shot in JPEG, is it salvagable? That's Mt. Rushmore in the background.


5 comments on “Tunnel”

  1. Those men were framed!

  2. Yes, I think it is. Also, it’s a fabulous framed shot, especially because there are no cars and you would have to have been standing in the road to take this. I’d run a highlight protection action on it (I have one from Florabella) that will maybe bring out the carvings a little. Maybe run a mask and darken them slightly? But that’s just me. I love it!

  3. Thank you Kacey! I’ll have to check out Florabella…I’ve heard wonderful things about them.

    Yep, I was standing in the road, & patiently waited for cars, motorcycles, etc., lol. ❤

  4. ARGH! I called you Kacey…thinking of your earlier response to my comment on your blog. APOLOGIES.

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