Celebrate YOU – Focus 52

By: Tug

Feb 28 2011

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Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Trees.  Whether they’re covered in foilage, or completely bare, you see a strength.  Down to the core they are strong, and no matter the season, or the time of day, or the elements they are surrounded by…they stand tall and strong.  The sun shines on them, and through them, no matter how dark it may have been just a little bit before.

I once asked my daughter to say one word to describe me, and she said resilient.  Looking back at my life, I’ve got to agree.  I’ll take it.  Please visit all the wonderful entries at Jan’s Focus 52, and wish her a Happy Birthday (belated) while you’re there.

2 comments on “Celebrate YOU – Focus 52”

  1. Gorgeous shot! and I’m loving the words.
    So true … ❤

    • Thank you J! I really wanted a sunrise shot through the trees across the road from here, but the damned sun wasn’t coming through the clouds all week until I was at work.


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