By: Tug

Jan 16 2011

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Category: dad, family, guardian angels, hope, love


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This isn’t one of my favorite photos I’ve taken, but…

I had to make a very tough phone call this past week, and I was really dreading it.  I walked outside to get up my nerve and take a deep breath, and there on the front porch was a perfectly formed heart in the snow.  My guardian angels reminded me they were with me, and I would get through this call OK.  I did, and the phone call actually brought some relief, peace, and answers.

12 comments on “Connect”

  1. I actually think it’s quite beautiful C.
    And the way you spotted it makes it perfect.

    And look at you all in on a Sunday night! woohoooo!
    just when I went and changed the post times. ROFL 😉
    (don’t hit)

    • Thanks J! LOL, I think I read somewhere that you couldn’t change the linky time for this week, right? Didn’t want anyone clicking on a link that didn’t fit ya’ know.

  2. I think this photo is absolutely perfect, and while you may not think it’s one of your best, this one came TO you. I agree about your guardian angels – they wanted you to see this & that in itself, is remarkable.

  3. Very cool. Isn’t it amazing how we see things just when we need to? *hugs* my friend

  4. That is so cool Tug…sitting there like that, just when you needed it…

    • It was pretty awesome Vinny, thank you. I’ve had a few signs lately that remind me I’m not alone…and it’s SO reassuring.

  5. What a special find, lying there in the snow. That’s pretty wonderful.

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