Wooden Horse

By: Tug

Jun 09 2010

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Focal Length:140mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

8 comments on “Wooden Horse”

  1. I love the lighting and the depth of field.

  2. he is looking at me…make him stop


  3. From where you started to where you are now, the growth continues to be obvious. It’s really getting to another level.

  4. well for example what’s the key to this picture? It isn’t the play horse’s head, it’s the angle you took it from that gave it an expression. The angle you chose is everything. And ten bucks says it was a conscious decision. I know it was. You can’t be continually “lucky” like in all these pictures. There’s an eye and a brain working. I think you’re in an advanced class right about here.

    • You’re absolutely right about the thinking it through now RW…the angle, the light, the background. I’ve been lucky enough to find some awesome photographers online that I’ve learned from (reading & seeing their photos), but also some that have given tips & constructive criticism as well. Thank you for not only noticing, but commenting about it. Negative comments are all over the internet, nice comments are often thought…to take the time to notice & comment on things are rare. Much appreciated!

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