St. Patty’s Day Bokeh

By: Tug

Mar 17 2010

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Focal Length:45mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

10 comments on “St. Patty’s Day Bokeh”

  1. Impressive photo, Tug. A blessed St. Paddy’s day to you.

  2. Interesting. What is it?

    • LOL, thanks Finn! There are 2 little cheesy tealight shamrock shaped candle holders with the candles burning, as well as some ‘shine’ bokeh from the light source.

  3. Great shot! I actually thought it was taken over the dashboard of a car with the bokeh dots being tail lights, that is until I read your comments.

    • Thanks Kim! If you look close, you can see me in the far right – I’m laying on the floor to get the photo. 😉 Love reflective shots, have a terrible time remembering to ‘camaflouge’ the background. aka me.

  4. Cool!
    And your last comment? OMG me too!!! LOL!
    Hate when I open them up on my screen and there I am. Sometimes it’s funny, but most times it’s ruined the shot.

  5. J – LOL. Glad I’m not the only one. heh

  6. So nicely done, beautiful.

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