A good book, and some action.

By: Tug

Mar 09 2010

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I’ve always been a SOOC girl…but have lately learned more about textures, actions. all that fun.  I hope to take photos that don’t need much post processing, but wanted to do this post on what a difference it CAN make.  The top photo is SOOC.  Below, I cropped.    I did auto tone, contrast and color.  I went to Pioneer Woman’s Set 1, and did boost, and slightly lighten.  I then downloaded Shadowhouse creations Choas 2 texture, and inverted the colors.  Layered it on top of the photo, and did it at 17% trancperency.  (sp?)  Then flattened the layers, did Pioneer Woman quick edge burn twice.  I really think I hope for more SOOC shots, but it’s really nice to know I can ‘save’ a photo if need be.  😉

5 comments on “A good book, and some action.”

  1. I keep meaning to try more with textures but I’m so damn lazy.

  2. I don’t know WHY the 2nd photo doesn’t show up here, but it does in google reader – ANYONE??

  3. SOOC is highly over-rated 🙂 heheheeee ….

    Seriously though, consider it your ‘darkroom’. Without the little red light 🙂

  4. J, good point. I used to LOVE playing around in the darkroom.

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