Coors Field

Taking a break, looking for inspiration…feel free to go through my archives & comment away!  😉

14 comments on “Coors Field”

  1. Do you work for the government? You take more breaks than anyone I know. 😉

    • Cap – LOL. No, I live in a soul-sucking Hell that saps everything I have out of me. And it’s either ugly, or I’ve photographed it. And all I want to do is sleep and veg out because of the soul-sucking sapping of energy.

      I need a vaca. 😉

  2. I totally understand the soul-sucking. For a burst of inspiration, maybe you could try some old subjects at different angles and perspectives. Hmm?

    • Cap, I have thought of that…I’ve also noticed that straight out of the camera (which I do) is SO rare anymore…so I may try to learn ‘textures’ & all that photoshop (though I have something else) stuff…it seems to get people’s attention. Makes me sad that ‘manipulated’ is more popular than ‘real’ (like boob jobs, ya’ know? lol)…but such is life.

  3. I’m inspiration!

    Kidding…I’m like…a mess. 🙂

    Love the shot, though.

    • Thanks Robin – I need to go down there some day when there isn’t a game, so I can do more without tons of people ruining shots.

  4. I like that shot, but would have liked it better without the shadow over his face…

    I am loaded with pictures this week

    • Bond – Yeah, I agree, but dammit, it was sunny & he needed his cap! 😉 Part of the problem of going somewhere with 5 kids in a hurry I guess. I’ll be by, trying to get around as much as possible with an insanely busy week.

  5. I still can’t see this and not think of beer.

  6. Come take a break down here! I will feed you Mexican food and you can get your baby fix on Lil Angel! 😀 And there is lots and lots of cool things to take pictures of to get you out of your slump.

    P.S. I would LOVE to go that stadium. Any stadium named after a beer is one that I would enjoy. 😀

    P.P.S. I started posting more pics again on the “other” site…let me know whatcha think if you get a chance.

    • Hi Ilexa! OMG I would LOVE to come visit…I can’t even get away for a long weekend right now. 😦 Come on up, we’ll go to Coors Field – you can have beers, I’ll play with the baby! I’ll check out your site when things here slow down a little; right now I wouldn’t have a decent or clear thought to spew out. 😉

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