I still tear up, years later. 9.11

11 comments on “I still tear up, years later. 9.11”

    • Cap – I used to love pregame activities, & while I still do, I REALLY have to keep myself preoccupied a little so I don’t cry.

    • Robin – Thank you. I’m wondering why this comment of yours was in my spam folder, but the other came through? weird.

  1. Yes, I do too. I think I always will…
    I had a hard time finding you suga…don’t stay away to long!!!
    Darn girl

    • Hey Amie! Trying to get through fiscal year end…I’ll be back. Do you use google reader? That’s how I keep track of my feeds… I’ve been reading you, just haven’t commented on ANY in awhile – I’ll be back in full force soon!

  2. Come back soon!! Darn girl

  3. Awe thanks tug that means a lot to me really! I hope all goes well with the fiscal year…It’s just important that I stay connected with the blogger that truly understand me!!!

  4. Amie, I carry my camera every day…the other day I actually took a couple photos – LOL. Life has overwhelmed me, but I’ll get there. Still reading…I’m really glad to read that you’re happy!!

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