It’s toast to Tug time!

By: Tug

Aug 28 2009

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Focal Length:11.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Happy Tugday!  (Midori margarita on the rocks for me please, thankssomuch)  Happy Birthday to Jane as well – have a WONDERFUL year!

10 comments on “It’s toast to Tug time!”

  1. Happy Happy Birthday TUG!

  2. Happy Birthday and great photo! There are not nearly enough photos of cocktails on the blogosphere!:)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Great picture… it’s making me thirsty.

  4. WOOOOO to the Birthday Girl!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you all!! Enjoy the beverage of your choice, I’ll toast to you. 😉

  6. ::blink blink:: Midori margarita?! YUM!

    Hope you had a fantastic day!!!!

  7. I’m late. Sniff, what an asshole. 😉


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