Sports Complex

It was an overcast day, but the sky is still blown out – is that an ISO thing maybe?  Anyone??

6 comments on “Sports Complex”

  1. I doubt it’s the ISO, it’s probably just the even overcast, the sky is bright and the camera exposed for the foreground. Depending on the camera, there may be things that can be done to help. Some Nikon’s have “Active D-Lighting” mode that would probably take care of that. Short of a special mode, you can either try exposing for the sky (framing the sky, pressing the shutter half-way and then re-framing for the actual shot), or turning down the exposure compensation manually.

    • Ren – Thanks! I don’t think mine has a special mode (but will double check), but will definitely try the other options! I did some with it turned down manually, & the statue thing was really dark in some places (which figures).

  2. perfect title lol!

  3. I’m not sure what that is…althought the ball part I like;)

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