Rockies through the Clouds

By: Tug

Apr 27 2009

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Category: rockies, snow


8 comments on “Rockies through the Clouds”

  1. Yay! Welcome to your new home! Love these pictures.

  2. Welcome back! I like this new layout a lot 🙂

  3. Finn – Thank you, & thank you! 😉 Pics should be a little bigger now.

    Cap – Thankssomuch!

    Now if only I can figure out how to not have to moderate comments…I accidentally deleted yours Finn (AFTER approving it!).

    Off to check………….

  4. Welcome to the wide world of wordpress!

    I love the pictures of the rockies, that must have been so cool to see in person!

  5. Robin – Thanks, I think I like it! 😉

    Blue – Thankssomuch! I usually sleep on planes, but really wanted to get this view & some pics; glad I stayed awake.

  6. Welcome back and congrats on the new digs. You are updated on The Couch…

    Wondering if you have visited over at my kitchen MANGIA Y’ALL

    I even whip up stuff YOU can cook! hehehe

  7. Bond – Thanks, and thank you also for the update! I do visit your cooking sight, and dude, I can cook – I just DON’T since it’s just me. 😉 Things go bad too quickly for me to eat and/or keep up with.

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