Yep, another one. ;-)

By: Tug

Apr 10 2009

Category: Beauty, flowers, home


(Click on picture to enlarge)
Heading out of town to help the Easter Bunny – have a great weekend everyone!

7 comments on “Yep, another one. ;-)”

  1. I hope that you and the Mr. Bunny have an enjoyable Easter!

  2. Beautiful!

    Happy Easter; have a wonderful weekend.

  3. St. Nick – Happy Easter to you as well!

    Finn – Thankssomuch, have a fantastic weekend and wonderful Easter as well.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful easter!

    Also, and I don’t care if you think I am stupid, I need to know : how are you taking the picture so that the background is black like that and the flower is so nicely lit?

    What am I doing wrong? When i try to do this, my lighting for the flower is also lighting the background :o(

  5. Blue – NEVER would I think you're stupid. Ever. Pull the flower away from the background – it's not right up against it, and I try to get the light shining right on the flower, or more towards me & away from the background. Small light – not big & super bright.

    Have a fabulous Easter, and have fun with your boys!

  6. Be safe…Happy Easter

  7. Bond – Made it there & home safely, thank you! Hope you had a Happy Easter as well…. 😉

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