Action & Some Contests

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I really need to read up on shutter speed… but I still like this picture and keep coming back to it for some reason. (I did crop it a bit) Speaking of action, go visit a couple friends of mine…
1. Got to Kacey’s place to enter the photo of the month contest – theme? Green.
2. Go over to RW’s place. He’s holding a contest to name an old time railroad town that HE’S BUILDING. The attention to detail…the meticulousness (word? word!) that he’s put into it just astounds me. Truly amazing.
P.S. Did you leave a comment before leaving me for my friends? **sniff sniff** LOL. Go, have fun!

6 comments on “Action & Some Contests”

  1. What is that? A guy in a space suit?

    How did you take this picture?

  2. It looks faintly like storm troopers from Star Wars 😉

  3. Finn – It’s Syndrome’s (villian from The Incredibles)army – there are a few guys. This is one of the ‘screwed up’ pics from a couple weeks ago – taken ‘normally’ not knowing anything about shutter speed. 😉

    Slick – You were close! Star Wars, The Incredibles, potaytoe, potahtoe. LOL

  4. looks like an action pic of a figure skater doing a jump…

    Great picture… 🙂 I like the motion in it 🙂

  5. Learn about shutter speed…a whole world will open up

  6. Gemini – Welcome! Thank you…I think it’s a happy accident; I kept going back to it instead of deleting it.

    Bond – *sigh* I know. But that means READING. I’m more of a hands-on type person. 😉 I’ll find my manual this week.

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