Amber waves of grain…..

(Click on picture to enlarge)

13 comments on “Amber waves of grain…..”

  1. Bee-yoo-tee-full!! This reminds me of something I did in 1st grade. We had to find pictures for all the lyrics to "Oh Beautiful" & of course, 1 was for "amber waves of grain."

    ps… my tests came back, all a-o.k.!

  2. Jane – Thankssomuch! YAY on the tests, so VERY good to hear!!

  3. Finn – Yep. Although I do prefer when the brown is green. 😉

  4. Bond – Yes, they are truly breathtaking.

  5. Ahhh what a beautiful pic…
    I live in the desert and when I look at the mountains I still can’t believe that I live near such perfection…
    I know I’m cheesy, but just today I swear…

  6. very very nice.

  7. Just Tellin' – No, I totally get the cheese – the rockies literally take my breath away sometimes! (Only if you want to answer – what desert? I've lived in Phoenix & Vegas)

    Sushi – Thankssomuch, they are beautiful. Are you close to any mountains?

  8. That is beautiful!


  9. Sista – Thanks, I love the mountains here.

  10. Change the colors a little and you have a Microsoft desktop background!

  11. Whall – LOL…good point. It’s much prettier when the field is green.

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