Through the Powerlines

(Click on picture to enlarge)

11 comments on “Through the Powerlines”

  1. Cool. The moon sort of looks like a piece of clay or something.

  2. Finn – Thanks! It does kind of look like clay… which is probably better than green cheese I guess.

  3. It reminds me of the shot in ET when the little boy and ET are riding the bicycle across the sky…

  4. GigglePix – YES. I should have tilted my camera so ET could have totally cruised the powerlines! 😉

  5. Normally I despise power lines in photos..but here they work

  6. Bond – I know right? I’ve taken many a ruined shot because of powerlines.

  7. Love it……


  8. Sista – Thanks!

  9. You’ve got a calling. I’m telling you, you most definitely have got a calling!

  10. Jane – Aw thank you; you are too sweet. (I like it.)

  11. I LOVE this picture

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