In black & white…

By: Tug

Mar 13 2009

Category: B and W, flowers, home


(Click on picture to enlarge)

6 comments on “In black & white…”

  1. time for a gallery showing

  2. The striking contrast really makes this pop. Beautiful!

  3. Bond – You are FAR too kind, thank you. (Please don’t stop – LOL)

    GigglePix – Thank you my friend!

  4. I really like this, it’s simple, yet captivating.

  5. What Pixie said…it really does pop. Pretty!

    Hey, photography question….I took some pics tonight and some came out with this annoying yellow tint to them. It looked like an Andy Warhol picture, lol.

    I have no idea why some came out perfectly fine and others had the freakish yellow going on. I didn’t use flash. Any ideas?

  6. Jane – Thank you! It was a little 'much' with color, but the B&W helped. 😉

    BB – Thanks! I am by NO means an expert, but my guess is the white balance – can you change those settings? Depending on the angle, the way you're facing (in the same room, same time), that can really change & add a different tint. Good luck!

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