Soothe the soul

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6 comments on “Soothe the soul”

  1. excellent perspective…the out of focus mp3 player is perfect

  2. I have those same skull candy earbuds, same color I think even.

  3. Ahhhhh…sitting in an overstuffed chair with my fav tunage…love it!

  4. Bond – Thankssomuch!

    Sushi – We’re twins? 😉

    GigglePix – YES. And it’s my saviour going to and from work…

  5. omgosh, 2 weeks ago I wouldn’t have known what all this was. I mean, I know it’s earplugs, but I just ordered those same kind of earbuds cuz I finally put music on an ipod we’ve had for over a year.
    Yeah for earbuds!! (mine haven’t arrived yet, but next week… watch out!)

  6. Jane – LOL. I love them – they’re the first that my ears haven’t spit right back out!

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