By: Tug

Mar 06 2009

Category: local park


(Click on picture to enlarge)

7 comments on “Bugeyed”

  1. It’s cute at first, but then the eyes start to look like boobs.

    Yes, I’m a 12-year-old boy.

  2. I totally thought the same thing as Finn – only I thought it immediately!!!!!….Alien boobies

  3. Finn – LOL. I don’t think you’re alone here…

    Bond – Hee – we’re all a bunch of pervs. I like it.

  4. Pervs……I saw no boobs.



  5. Sista – I like you & would hate to call you a liar… 😉 Blue-ish balls maybe? LOL

  6. haha! clown boobies!

    i’m a twelve year old boy too…

  7. Yo Mamma – LOL…bring in the clowns…there’s got to be clowns…don’t worry; they’re here. 😉 I’ll never look at playground equipment the same.

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