Serious suction.

(Click on picture to enlarge)
Please say extra prayers…the latest on Lisa (Clusterfook).

5 comments on “Serious suction.”

  1. Those suckers give me the willies. But great picture!

  2. I just love starfish!

    I was over at Lisa’s yesterday. Wow. Just wow, no words for the sadness.

  3. Finn – Thanks! Yeah, imagining one sucking onto me gives me the willies. ewwwww. The little underarm thigies kinda look like flowers though. 😉

    GigglePix – They’re kinda cool, but…yeah…willies. 😉 Glad to hear you’re going by Lisa’s, and you’re right; no words.

  4. I didn’t know starfish had sucky things. That’s a fantastic photo, Tug. I hope you start submitting your pics for photo contests.

  5. Jane – Aw, thankssomuch. 😉 I'm working on 'bettering' myself…heh. Yes, starfish have sucky things that stick them to the glass on aquariums, & probably have something else to do with their lives. LOL I'm obviously not a pro at starfish.

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