Yellow…a happy color

By: Tug

Feb 20 2009

Category: Beauty, flowers


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14 comments on “Yellow…a happy color”

  1. That’s exactly what I see when I look at that photo…happy. I love happy!

  2. I love yellow! HHH gave me a yellow rose for Valentine’s Day. (They’re my favorite!) It never fails to make me happier just looking at it!

  3. Great composition, but the color looks muddy. Is the light? Your camera? The yellow should really pop, I think.

  4. BBlogger – Glad I could spread some happy! 😉

    BFabulous – Amazing what a little flower can do, isn’t it?

    Finn – Thanks…I think it’s the lighting; it was late afternoon indoors, with just a lamp for light. I really need to familiarize myself with photoshop.

  5. one word….


  6. It does look happy, and it reminds me of spring, and it definitely makes me smile!

  7. Thats a nice image on a dreary winters day.

  8. Bond – YES. I’m ready for it.

    GigglePix – Again, glad I could bring a smile. 😉

    Sushi – Glad you like it…we could all use a little ‘bright’ right now, couldn’t we?

  9. I love yellow flowers…even dandelions!

  10. MMom – Me too! Especially when the dandelions are picked and brought to you by a little one.

  11. My daughter recently decided to ban things yellow in her room. She had replaced it with black and blue. Go figure. She’s eleven, so yellow could still come back.

  12. Shoshana – Welcome! Yes, hopefully it's just a phase for you daughter – LOL. Surround her with bright & happy. 😉

  13. Cool! I just looked at a bunch of your photos. I like the butterfly =)

  14. Mariah – Welcome, good to see you! Thank you, I like how the butterfly turned out too. 😉

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