Clinging Starfish

(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “Clinging Starfish”

  1. Cool. What’s up with the lighting though? It’s a little dim. Can you change the ISO on your camera?

  2. Finn – It was bad lighting in there, but it doesn’t look that dim to me? ISO confuses me…do you want the bigger numbers indoors/dark?

  3. That’s so pretty!

  4. Finn – Yep, it shows quite a bit darker on my home screen. *sigh*

    GigglePix – Thanks, it’s cute, isn’t it?

  5. ISO is higher numbers for darker situations, indoors or out. You use about 400 normally, 200 if it’s really bright and 1600 if it’s really dark.

  6. Finn – I’ll have to pay attention to the ISO more…mine only goes up to 800 (I’ve always shot at 200). There’s also an “auto”, I really need to read my manual. I never shoot in auto mode, but may try the ISO auto playing around, see how it does. Thank you!

  7. i love it. it reminds me of Finding Nemo – ‘find a happy place!!’

  8. Val – OMG, Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies EVER! I need my happy place…..

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