About to bloom…

(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “About to bloom…”

  1. Beautiful, Tug!

  2. love the lighting.

  3. You really did a great job with the contrast in this – beautiful!

  4. St. Nick – Thank you. 😉

    Robin – Thanks, it took patience (something I’m short on – LOL).

    GigglePix – Thankssomuch…now if it would just BLOOM already. heh

  5. That mean Spring is near?

  6. Bond – LOL. Um…it’s a schizophrenic CHRISTMAS cactus. It blooms whenever it feels like it. 😉 BUT, it’s supposed to hit 70 degrees here Thursday, want to visit?

  7. I really like how the rose is brighter than the leaves yet, you can see some light on the leaves.


  8. Sista – Yeah, it kind of gives it depth, doesn’t it? Thank you!

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