Big Ass

By: Tug

Feb 02 2009

Category: home, wine


(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “Big Ass”

  1. LOL that is awesome!


  2. Hey! I resemble that remark!


  3. Sista – Thankssomuch!

    GigglePix – Kinda what I was thinking…that *I* do! 😉

  4. RW – 😉 Doesn’t everyone pick their wine by what the bottle looks like or name is?

  5. Christ, I was afraid i was going to come here and see MY ass!!!!!

  6. lol…very cute and clever Tug!

  7. VodkaMom – LOL. I’m sure your ass looks FABULOUS today!

    Catch – Thank you – the name caught my eye, heh!

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