Fun green flower

By: Tug

Jan 27 2009

Category: Beauty, flowers, home


(Click on picture to enlarge)
There are probably a lot of things wrong with this picture (photographically speaking?)…but I like it – flower in front right & all. 😉

9 comments on “Fun green flower”

  1. I might have focused on the front of the flower…but it is still a very interesting perspective…

  2. I don’t know about it from a photographic perspective, but I think it’s gorgeous. The color and the flower being right there, so close-up. It just looks so peaceful and I LOVE it!

  3. Bond – I’ve got some from the front, too, but I liked this one better – I’m sure I’ll post more. 😉

    GigglePix – Thank you! I really liked the color and the flower…no idea what kind it is though.

  4. I love how only the center of the flower is in focus, even though you took it from the side.


  5. Sista – Thanks…I try to do different things with the focus, & I liked this one. 😉 (I'm still learning obviously)

  6. Beautiful! And I love the photo blog!!! You’re so talented!

  7. Hales – Thank you, it’s good to see you again! 😉

  8. Is this a mum? I love that color green!

  9. Ilexa – The color is what I loved also! No idea what kind of flower it is…the ‘petals’ were kind of…waxy maybe?

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