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10 comments on “Windpower”

  1. Love it!


  2. I remember when I first drove from LA to Palm Springs and drove through the wind farm – seeing for the first time in real life…so very impressive

  3. Reminds me of our drive to Colorado last year. And it (ALMOST) makes me homesick for Kansas. (I said almost!). Such striking beauty!

  4. Sista – Thanks! 😉

    Bond – It is impressive, isn’t it…I saw one going from Vegas to San Diego the first time; this one’s here in CO.

    GigglePix – KANSAS? LOL… Thank you!

  5. very impressive picture Tug!

  6. Awesome! Both the picture and the idea of wind power.

  7. I’m amazed at how fast they can build those wind farms. They’ve put up quite a few around here in the past couple of years. In just a couple months time they will put up a hundred or more of those things.

  8. Catch – Thank you! I’d been by it before, but HAD to stop with this sky!

    ‘Rita – Thankssomuch…it is a pretty awesome idea.

    Nobody – Yeah, I see more and more going up that I hadn’t seen before…we’re not all going to blow away one day are we? 😉

  9. That is a pretty picture! Okay, this has nothing to do w/the picture, but I've got to tell you. You know the picture you have on your profile? Of the eye w/the heart?
    My friend's 4 year old little girl got really dressed up for daycare & her mom told her, "Niholas's eyes are going to pop out when he sees you." (that's her bf) And Kayla said, "His eyes are going to turn into hearts!"
    Isn't that too cute?

  10. Jane – Thankssomuch! That story is TOO cute…remember the show ‘Kids Say The Dardnest Things?’…I loved that show, it always cracked me up!

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