Happy Birthday K & Dad!

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(Story originally posted on my old blog, so yep – you may have read this before)
January 19, 1980. A little after 9:47 a.m.(2 1/2 weeks before my due date.)
Me, on phone: “Happy Birthday Dad!”

Dad: “Thanks hon”

Me: “I don’t have a card for you”

D: “I don’t need a card, all I need is this, to hear from you”

Me: “Oh, but I got you a gift”
D: “I don’t need anything -don’t waste your money – take it back”

Me: “I’m not taking it back. It’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought anyone”

D: “If it’s that damn expensive, take it back – I told you I don’t need anything”

Me: “I really don’t think they’ll let me take it back Dad, and I don’t want to”

D: “Then bring it to me, and I’ll take it back dammit. They’ll take it back from me.”

Me: “Dad, why don’t you come on down to the hospital and see your new granddaughter”

Silence. Dead silence. But I swear I could hear the smile reaching from one ear to the other on his face. He didn’t make me take her back…and he didn’t try to take her back, either. He walked into my room, she was in the nursery. He asked which one she was, I said “The one that looks just.like.you.” And she did. From that very first moment on, she was, as I am, Tug’s girl.
My dad is my hero…my daughter is one of my best friends. I’m so proud of the man my dad is, and the way he lives his life and treats people; I hope I can eventually be 1/2 the person he is.
I’m also so proud of the woman my daughter has become – she is strong, beautiful (see pic above), loving, and a truly amazing woman I am lucky to have as my ‘baby’.
Happy Birthday to them both, with much love!

I want to thank those of you that have been by Lisa’s to send love, good thoughts, wishes and/ or prayers. If you haven’t been by, please – go.

9 comments on “Happy Birthday K & Dad!”

  1. What a great story…not sure I read it before…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them both!

    Hear and win new music on Monday’s on The Couch

  2. It’s still a beautiful story even if you have read it before. And how fitting that the two most important people to you get to share the same birthday. Happy Birthday to them both!!!!

  3. Bond – Thank you, it was a wonderful day!

    GigglePix – Thanks…it was a very nice early suprise.

  4. Happy Birthday all around… and some stories are worth reading again and again!

  5. Fantastagirl – Thank you so much, it was an awesome day!

  6. what a beautiful story Tug!!! How lucky for you that you have both of those wonderful people in your life!!! God bless all 3 of you….xoxoxox

  7. Catch – Thank you, I am very lucky!

  8. I remember this story, but loved re-reading it. Your daughter is exceptionally beautiful, naturally beautiful.

    A grandchild is definitely the best birthday gift of all.

  9. Jane – Thank you…I think she’s beautiful (bitch – lol), but I’m a little prejudiced. 😉

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