Texts from K

By: Tug

Jan 16 2009

Category: K, love, texting


(Click on picture to enlarge)
(The last one is blank, not because anything happened to K, just because I delete my texts regularly & didn’t have any more…didn’t want to scare anyone.) 😉
I want to thank those of you that have been by Lisa’s to send love, good thoughts, wishes and/ or prayers. If you haven’t been by, please – go.

8 comments on “Texts from K”

  1. Soooo….DID you just toot into the phone? lol

    You two crack me up! You remind me of son and I. He’s the only one I can be completely goofy and myself with. Ain’t it swell??? 🙂

  2. GigglePix – It’s awesome! The ‘toot’…I said ‘pfffft’. (she’s new)

  3. cute Mother and daughter texts!!! I love to have fun with my daughter.

    I was by Lisa’s…I am keeping her and her family in my prayers. Its a heartbreaking story..

  4. Catch – Thank you, times 2!

  5. Is that one of those mini-laptops? I have only sent 1 text. Mother/daughter time, however spent, feels so good!

  6. Jane – That's my cell phone, it flips up for the keyboard & I LOVE it! I finally broke down & got unlimited texting; MUCH easier for me than talking on the phone, which I hate. 😉

  7. Oh, lol, a phone!! I saw the kind with the little text-typewriter. If I got a phone like that, I’d have to have unlimited texting!

  8. Jane – If you hate talking on the phone like I do, it’s the way to go!

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