Last night, I cried…

By: Tug

Jan 14 2009

Category: lisa, love, prayers


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I know I’ve asked you before…and yes, I’m asking again. Please, any love, prayers…anything you can give…Lisa could use it. She has served as such an inspiration to SO many, please do what you can for her and her family in their time of need.
Thank you.

7 comments on “Last night, I cried…”

  1. Tug, Lisa has been in my thoughts and prayers for many months. Thank you for this post; I did not know that her situation was at the point of hospice.

    If you that not heard the song that Maithri wrote and sings, my I urge you to go HERE.

  2. Saw that last night. It breaks my heart on the one hand, but on the other I’m glad she’s making peace with it.

  3. I hadn’t been over to her blog in some time. It was another one I didn’t have in my reader and had basically lost touch with her…until I saw your tweet last night. It makes me very sad to hear that it has come to this. But I’m so glad so many people are giving her so much support. You’re a wonderful friend, Tug. On my way over to visit her again…

  4. Nick – That song is absolutely beautiful…thank you for sharing.

    Finn – Yeah, I get it. She’s such an inspiration, and has handled this with dignity and grace.

    GigglePix – Thank you for heading over there… 😉

  5. I found her blog late in the game so to speak, and have read her alot – but comment very little…

    I’m glad she has accepted, and has chosen to spend time with her girls…so sad.

  6. okay, I’m on my way over to see her and say a prayer.

  7. Fantastagirl – Yes, so very sad…for everyone. I’m glad you found her.

    VodkaMom – Thank you!

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