Bathroom Scale

By: Tug

Jan 13 2009

Category: home, weight


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9 comments on “Bathroom Scale”

  1. I do! I do!

    But the more I think “thin” the more weight I gain.

  2. Bathroom scales are EEEEEVVVVIIIIILLLLLL!

  3. Cool. But bathroom scales are the devil. Truly.

    And how dare they name it “Thinner.” What if you’re not?

  4. St. Nick – Yeah, I seem to have that same problem!

    Fabulous – Yes, but in my life? A necessary evil. *sigh*

    Finn – I know right? The power of positive thinking, or some such crap. 😉

  5. Now that’s just some kind of cruel joke, naming a bathroom scale “thinner”. Obviously a joke perpetrated by a man. Grrrrrr…..

  6. Fantasy Scale

    That’s what you should call it!

  7. GigglePix – Yep…the other cruel joke? I gained 10 pounds when I bought this! (yeah, I was in need of a scale that gave true weight – lol)

    MMom – Fitting name! The true fantasy would be if I WERE to get thinner – heh.

  8. I just cant look at scales Tug! lol

  9. Catch – Yeah, I get that… *sigh* 😉

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