My next tattoo

By: Tug

Jan 08 2009

Category: cross, Kev, tattoo


Thumbing through a junk mail catalog after my brother was killed, this jumped out at me. When reading about it, I found it was a cross of St. Kevin (my brother’s name, without the saint duh). I’d never heard of St. Kevin, so I did some research, and found that they were very similar. I bought one of these for my other 2 brothers and my parents for Christmas that year, and attached the history of St. Kevin along with my memories of my brother. I also bought one for myself, and everywhere I’ve lived since then it has a place by the doors; he’s my protector now, as he always was.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

9 comments on “My next tattoo”

  1. I like that all your tattoos have meaning, this one especially.

  2. Jane – Thanks…I figure if I’m going to put something on my body AND spend the cash (I’m extremely cheap), it’s going to have some meaning.

  3. This is awesome, Tug. And what a beautiful tribute to your brother to have this as a tattoo!

  4. How cool…

  5. We should plan our tattoos for the same day. I am still trying to settle completely on mine, though I think I have it worked out completely.

    That cross is very cool.

  6. GigglePix – Thank you! I’m going to get it on my back, behind my heart – that way he’s got my back and close to my heart.

    Bond – Thanks. 😉

    Ilexa – Oh, we totally should! I think it’ll be sometime when I’m visiting K, ’cause she knows a good artist there; the last ones I got were in Phoenix (Mesa)…I don’t know anyone here. Can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  7. Am I having a blonde moment? I don’t see anything about a tattoo in the post. Am I missing it?

    I love the cross and it’s meaning. I wasn’t aware that there is a St. Kevin either. I have no doubt at all that he’s your protector and always will be. *hug*

  8. Okay, yes I was having a major blonde moment. The post title. *smacking forehead*

    That will be so beautiful and I love your idea for where to place it. So perfect!

  9. BB – LOL…you make me laugh. Thankssomuch, I’m still working on the socks…heh.

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