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10 comments on “Frosty”

  1. That is amazing!

  2. Fabulous – Want to come visit? It’s colder today… 😉

  3. brrrrrrr

    got your cared….beautiful – thanks..and Nancy was touched you added her

  4. Bond – Yep, and today it was 22 below. Much suckage.

    You are very welcome, & I wouldn't think to leave Nancy off! 😉

  5. Seeing this made me want hot chocolate by a fireplace.

  6. Jane – Oh yes, hot chocolate is a STAPLE, & my fireplace gets tons of use! Did you see my comment above that it was 22 degrees below zero that day?

  7. Yes, I saw that. I can’t fathom those temperatures.

  8. So…you’re not coming to visit then? 😉

  9. Err… Lemme know when it's 75 & sunny there.

  10. LOL. Will do!

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