Have you plugged YOUR car in?

By: Tug

Dec 11 2008

Category: cold, ice, outside, winter


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7 comments on “Have you plugged YOUR car in?”

  1. I live in Florida — what’s the plug for?

  2. Finn – It’s an engine block heater so your car will start in the frigid cold; you plug it in overnight. Some cars won’t start at all when it gets too cold, but even if they do, this is easier on the car.

  3. I know what it is..thankfully, I have never had to own/use one

  4. Dang it all, I don’t have a plug.


  5. Bond – I think every car in MT when I was growing up had one; my dad’s (old) car had 3, just to get it started.

    GigglePix – hee..you want a plug? 😉

  6. haha Tug…too funny! good job!

  7. Catch – 😉 Funny, but necessary.

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