Berries through the rear view mirror

(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “Berries through the rear view mirror”

  1. How cool!

  2. Finn – Thanks! I’ve always like rearview mirror shots…and spend WAY too much time in this bank’s drive through. 😉

  3. What a very cool perspective and it takes on a whole new view when you enlarge

    So that was YOU when all I wanted to do was get $20!!!!


  4. Bond – Thank you! And dude, you’re in the wrong lane – I’m in the MERCHANT lane – don’t spend all that time depositing money of mine. 😉

  5. Awesome. The picture makes me FEEL cold.

  6. YoMomma – Yeah, it was pretty frigid right then…thank you!

  7. I saw the picture w/o the title & thought you were looking through a hole in a tree!

  8. Jane – Yeah, I’d have liked it a little lighter, but it was my turn at the drive through – LOL.

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