Finn had mentioned yesterday how she’d love to see the picture in black & white, and while I truly LOVE black & white pictures…I never think to do them. huh. SO. For photo editing, I just have a downloaded free version of GIMP – I don’t have photoshop & all of it’s goodness. I’ve read that doing a sepia, then black & white works well, but didn’t have/can’t find that option of sepia with GIMP. So the first picture is just desaturating…the second, I played with brightness & contrast – what do you think?

(Click on picture to enlarge)

6 comments on “Re-do!”

  1. Wow. Tough call. I like the fact that you see more detail in the second one, but you lose some of that misty, foggy quality that the first one has.

    Can you do duotones? A black and silver combination might be stunning. If you can’t, maybe you can e-mail the picture to me and I can try it.

  2. I like the second one…the details are amazing

  3. I think the second one has a better conversion. You want good blacks and good whites with nice mid-tone grays. The first one doesn’t have enough blacks for contrast.

  4. Finn – I know what you’re saying here, but DON’T know anything of duotones; I’ll have to e-mail the pic to you to work your magic! Can’t wait to see it…

    Bond – Yeah, the black came through for more contrast, but it’s just “not quite”, ya’ know?

    Ilexa – Yep, agreed…doesn’t help that the original was pretty non-contrasty I suppose. 😉

  5. They’re both so gorgeous! I think I personally prefer the first one though, ’cause I like that extra misty/foggy look.

  6. GigglePix – Yeah, I totally get that – I LOVE fog/mist!

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