By: Tug

Dec 02 2008

Category: outside, rooster, Sky


(Click on picture to enlarge)

11 comments on “Rooster”

  1. nice cock!

    (I am SO immature!!)

  2. Blue – I’d have been disappointed if it were any other way….. 😉

  3. wonderful catch!

  4. Did it fly away after you took the picture?

  5. err err errrrrrr…or cocka doodle dooooo. Im as immature as Blue! lol

  6. Do you suppose this is how the phrase “cold cocked” got started? ‘Cause that’s got to be one cold cock right now!!!

  7. Figured there’d be snow all on it….

    The sky is totally blue!! Cool pic Tug.

  8. Weather vanes always mess me up. I’m thinking the wind is gonna hit the BIGGER end more, so it’s going to point the arrow the OTHER way. Why isn’t the ARROW the bigger side?

  9. Robin – Thank you!

    Bond – LOL…last I looked it was still there.

    Catch – hee…I love it.

    GigglePix – Nah, it hit 68 today! Snow’s coming over the mountains now though.

    Slick – Thanks! We haven’t seen one flake yet this year. Until tonight I hear…

    Whall – Do they move? Directions don’t move – seriously, do they? Weird.

  10. there’s just something about a rooster……

  11. VodkaMom – LOL…yes. Yes, there is. Maybe that’s why I went off the beaten track to find him? 😉

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