By: Tug

Dec 01 2008

Category: work


(Click on picture to enlarge)

11 comments on “Headstand”

  1. This made me smile. Very nice.

  2. a headstand…makes me dizzy just thinking of it…lmao

  3. What is it though?

  4. Finn – A smile to start the day, cool. Thank you!

    Catch – You mean your grandkids don’t make you do these with them??

    Slick – The bottom is a magnet, the little guys are clips to hold papers…

  5. DON’T SAY WHAT IT IS!!! GAH! Just kidding – nice detail.

  6. cool picture…HAppy Thanksgiving!

  7. RW – LOL, too late with the don’t show – BWAHAHAHA!! 😉 Thank you. heh

    Bond – Thankssomuch, times 2!

  8. I LOVE the composition on that one. VERY nice…

  9. VodkaMom – Thank you! It’s what being bored at work will do for you…hee

  10. I agree – VERY GOOD COMPOSITION!!!!! And I am totally digging the color on this one too!

  11. Ilexa – Thank you! I like the softness against the hard metal I think…

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