By: Tug

Nov 19 2008

Category: fall, leaves


(Click on picture to enlarge)

8 comments on “Leaf”

  1. That is so FRICKIN’ awesome!!!

  2. BF – Thank you!! 😉

  3. Love that — the light is amazing!

  4. GORGEOUS! The colors of fall will forever be my favorites.

  5. Finn – Thank you, I was happy with how it turned out! Sometimes even artificial light works, huh?

    Pixie – Thankssomuch…I’ve never really noticed much, but this year I’m really enjoying the colors.

  6. I like the focusing on the pebbles on the left. I imagined an ant climbing up and smiling for the picture.

  7. OK, time you start joining in on the Creative Photo Contest run by Roger…

    This is most wonderful!

  8. Whall – LOL…now I’m thinking I need to watch the movie ‘Bug’s Life’ again. This is IN my apartment – NO ANTS. 😉

    Bond – Thank you! I’ve thought of that, but I’m really enjoying not being on a ‘schedule’ so to speak…not having to remember days or anything; does that make sense?

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