By: Tug

Nov 17 2008

Category: Beauty, flowers, home


(Click on picture to enlarge)

6 comments on “Flower”

  1. Lovely, Tug.

    Sometimes I forget to remember that I am surrounded by so much beauty.

  2. This is interesting!

  3. St. Nick – Thank you! I'm working on 'looking around & appreciating' more.

    Finn – Hee…I love your comments. Interesting… 😉

  4. Unique lighting and angle on this one Ms. Tug

  5. You know I love all your pics, but I think I love this one best of all of them! Don’t even know exactly why – it’s just so powerful and beautiful and it speaks to me. LOVE.IT.

    And I love the new header too! Well…assuming it’s new, since I’ve been such a loser lately and haven’t been getting over here nearly enough!!!

  6. Bond – Thanks! I'm thinking I should have cropped the bottom to get the extra yellow off the right there, but this is SOOC & I still like it. 😉

    Giggles – Thankssomuch! I like how it turned out as well…and the header has been there for a bit…welcome back.

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