Thank you Veterans.

By: Tug

Nov 11 2008

Category: thanks, veterans


Had to post this…back to breaktime now. 😉
(Click on picture to enlarge)

12 comments on “Thank you Veterans.”

  1. Excellent…

    What would you like for dinner?

    We honor the Veterans and Military of the USA and Canada today on THE COUCH

  2. Bond – Thank you. You’re homemade ‘gravy’ of course! 😉

  3. HERE you are! JEsus!

  4. RW – Jesus? Notsomuch. 😉 Welcome back.

  5. Beautiful shots – sorry I’m late! I finally got your photo blog back in my blogroll (don’t ask, I’m an idiot!) and I’ve got you in Google Reader so I won’t miss any more good stuff!

    So sorry – I’ve missed out on so much!

  6. Pixie – LOL, I get it. Been there, done that, it’s why I gave you a ‘nudge’. Thanks…

  7. Kaylee – Thank you. 😉

  8. You okay tug?

  9. Kaylee – Hi! I’m good, just stepped back from the computer for a bit; busy with ‘life’. 😉 Thanks for checking in…I’ll be back up this coming week.

  10. Tug..take care!

  11. Catch – I’m good…got things set for this coming week!

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