Yet another sunset on the rockies. 😉

(Click on picture to enlarge)

4 comments on “Sunset…”

  1. Very nice photo!

    Hey, just wanted to say “THANKS!” for signing my “Sick and Tired of Politics” blog! I hope we can get more names to tell those damn Democrats and Republicans that we’re sick of their crap!

  2. RChick – Thank you! Loved your post; I put it out there on twitter, too!

  3. I’m sensing a Fiddler on the Roof theme here. 😉

    Sunrises and sunsets are among my favorite pictures to take. That and storm clouds which is ironic since I cringe at storms!

  4. Koolio – hee…yeah, that's all of FotR I know. seriously. I just LOVE the colors in the sunrise &sets…beautiful. And I love storms!

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