Before the ER

It’s funny how life changes in a minute. This is my grandkids playing on the side of the football field during the game…no worries, life is good.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Shortly after this, we’re huddled around my nephew, laying on the ground, asking him what his name is – what day it is…I’m running up to my daughter asking her to drive an extra car to the hospital so my SIL could ride with her son in the ambulance…meeting the ambulance drivers and leading them to the scene… giving them my nephew’s stats & allergies…

My nephew was playing his normal game – 50 yard run, 70 yard run, a touchdown…he was doing awesome as usual, but this weekend was special – his dad was in town (and step mother) from Tennessee. His grandparents (my parents) were in town…as were his cousin (my daughter) & her kids…it was going to be a fun weekend of football, swimming, shopping, laughter & fun.

4 plays left in the game, the whistle blows, play over. Nephew had another great play; game is tied, and he could make the winning touchdown next play. After the whistle, he gets hit – opponent teammate, head down, rams into J (nephew)…helmet to the kidneys, and my nephew goes down……he got back up, fell onto his teammates, and went down again.

911, nurses, legs not getting feeling, then toes tingling, then the feeling came back. Ambulance, hospital, x-rays, CT scans…he’s OK. Sore, but OK. No practice this week, game next weekend is iffy.

HE’S 13. IT’S NOT THE SUPER BOWL. I can’t say it was done on purpose. I can’t say anyone told anyone else to do it. I can’t say it wasn’t a mistake.

I can say it was scarier than shit. But he’s ok.

Sports should be fun…I just hope this was, and it wasn’t intentional. I thank God that J’s ok. Have a good week everyone!

(I need to start another blog & just keep this to pictures, huh – LOL)


7 comments on “Before the ER”

  1. Pretty picture. Glad your nephew will be OK. That’s scary!

  2. That sounds like a cheap shot to me. was a penalty called?

    The young man who did that should not be allowed to play the game and their coach should be suspended.

    THAT is not class and dignity!

    So glad he is OK

  3. Finn – Thanks! Yeah, when he couldn’t really feel his legs I was pretty scared.

    Bond – No penalty, not even a late hit. The sad part is, this team is KNOWN throughout the league for playing dirty. Unbelievable, and I sincerely hope that no one gets seriously injured for the board of directors to do something. Thank you…

  4. Holy crap! Glad he’s okay and I agree with Bond. That shit shouldn’t happen.

    I love this picture. Perfect 🙂

  5. Cap – Thankssomuch, on both!

  6. Your photos are great but this story is very compelling. I’m so glad he’s OK.

  7. Debbie – Thank you, he’s still sore but on the road to healing. Stop back again!

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