Different view of berries

By: Tug

Oct 07 2008

Category: outside, plants, zoo


(Click on picture to enlarge)

7 comments on “Different view of berries”

  1. I like that!

  2. Love the shadows!

  3. What kind? Can ya eat them?

    hkvvwfld oops that was wrong…LOL


  4. St. Nick – 😉 Thanks!

    Finn – Yeah, it was a bright, beautiful day.

    Bond – Um…no clue? They were at the zoo and I’m SO not a plant person, sorry.

  5. Berry nice.

  6. Nice pic!

    They look like little apples

  7. Whall – tee hee…thanks!

    Slick – Thank you – I should have tried one; would they put poisonous berries in a zoo?

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