Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

By: Tug

Sep 29 2008

Category: family, football


He may not be the biggest on the team (by far), but watching him carry 3 or 4 guys on his back while he’s gaining extra yardage, you’d never know it. #31, my nephew, the stud.

(Click on picture to enlarge)
I read all of you over the weekend, I just didn’t comment much – I’m getting ready for hell week and just didn’t have it in me. We’ve all been through times like this, so I’m sure you understand.

4 comments on “Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?”

  1. You are going to keep us apprised of the season as it continues, Aren’t you, Tug?

  2. UNDERSTAND? Heck no…I want a comment on every post I have ever done missy

    OK, that might have been over the top…I did some shots at Nancy’s son’s football game this past week..will share soon.

    Something new..if I have to type it – you have to read it..I hate word verification! heheheh\


  3. I need to remember to take my camera to my son’s game this week. I missed a great photo op of him last week running for a touchdown.

  4. St. Nick – I certainly will, thanks for asking!

    Bond – hee…End of Year sucks the big one with corp. & auditors, and would even if I liked my job. Looking forward to your pics…and again with the word verify? 😉

    Jezzie – I have yet to get "the shot" of my nephew – running, getting tackled, ya' know – the good shots!

    Back to work kids…ugh.

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