Pink Flamingo

By: Tug

Sep 22 2008

Category: birds, colorful, zoo


(Click on picture to enlarge)

12 comments on “Pink Flamingo”

  1. Do you have more of these? I’d love to see them.

  2. Finn – I’ll look tonight. I know I have some, but if I remember correctly, they’re blurry – the family was rushing me…I need to go back to the zoo alone sometime I think. 😉

  3. I was just telling hubs this weekend that we need to get 29 pink flamingos to put in MIL’s front yard for her birthday. i say 29 becuase if we put the real age (65 – but she looks about 50, and has the energy level of a 35yr old), she would murder us!

  4. Almost thought they were the plastic ones for a second…real nice shots

    ummm you closed your other site?

  5. What a fantastic photo. Especially when you click on enlarge!

  6. I LOVE THIS!!! It looks eerily similar to the one in my orange tree. Of course mine is metal….

  7. Wow! A real pink flamingo by a fake pink flamingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fab pic!

  8. Blue – That’s hilarious – you should totally do that!

    Bond – Thank you, I love flamingos!

    Kacey – Thankssomuch!

    Vodka Mom – LOL…you need to snap a pic!

    St. Nick – hee…they’re all real at the zoo! Thank you…

  9. i never knew that flamingos had eyes like that. or is that not “normal” for flamingos?
    great photo, though!

  10. Hey!haha – Thankssomuch! I have no idea about their eyes, or really anything but I was surprised at the orange in with the pink…I just really like them for some reason.

  11. Did you see the one I posted not too long ago? I love ‘mingos.

    My neighbor and i have flamingo wars with fake flamingos; remind me to post some of the better ones we’ve done….like the crime scene that lit up at night.

  12. Queen – If it wasn’t posted today, I probably wouldn’t remember – NOTHING PERSONAL, just tons of b.s. here. 😉 The ‘wars’ you have sound awesome, can’t wait to see some pics!

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