More birthday flower shots

By: Tug

Sep 12 2008

Category: birthday, flowers


(Click on picture to enlarge)
Happy Friday all! Check out my new Black Box widget on the sidebar – try it, it’s fun! Have a wonderful weekend…

7 comments on “More birthday flower shots”

  1. Hope they stay pretty for another week

  2. LOVE THEM.. honestly.

  3. Bond – Um…yeah…about that? They lasted a couple days.

    Vodka – Thanks so much!

  4. I liked that Black Box thing.

    I even submitted my own thing 😉

  5. Slick – You submitted your thing on my black box? You’re pretty Slick! LOL

  6. That is how I found you!
    The flowers are beautiful. Nice blog.

  7. ColoradoLady – Welcome! Thank you, and thanks for stopping by! I’ll be by to see where in Colorado you are, since I’m in Hell, CO myself.

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