By: Tug

Sep 11 2008

Category: comfort, home, quilt


I took this picture before tying all the little hand-callousing ties in every corner of every square…pain in the butt, but so worth it. I love this quilt, and hope that I never have to make another…for myself (grandkids’ orders are in already). 😉

(Click on picture to enlarge)

9 comments on “Comfort”

  1. Hi Tug!

    Great job on the quilt! I didn’t know that you sewed! I quilted in the past, but I can’t anymore. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful quilt

  3. Kimmie – Thanks, I started sewing because I couldn't find curtains I wanted…& figured hey – other people do it, why can't I? 😉 Same thing I said when I bought my power tools.

    Bond – Thanks, I love denim quilts!

  4. Hello
    Came over via the black box.
    Just had to let you know that I love (of course) the bear photo in the prvious post.

    Bear((( )))

  5. Bear – Welcome, I’m glad you stopped by! Thanks…bears are awesome. 😉

  6. This is gorgeous! Oh man, I wish I wish I WISH I could do this stuff! Oh, to be me, of little talent! (whined with back of hand against back-tilted forhead)

  7. EG – LOL, thank you! This is pretty easy – just sewing straight lines…

  8. so i guess this means that i can’t beg for a quilt. sigh.

    still, it is a beautiful quilt and a great photo.


  9. Hi!Haha – Um…yeah…I could put you on ‘the list’ so you’ll have one by the time you hit a nursing home? Thank you!

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